Here's a selection of our most frequently asked questions.

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How much does it cost to set-up a gift registry at Mildred&Co?
How far in advance of the wedding or new arrival should we register?
Do we need an appointment to register with Mildred&Co?
How can we share our registry with our guests?
Can I make my registry private so only my guests can view it?
How can family and friends access my registry?
What if some of our guests aren't internet savvy?
How do we select the gifts for our registry?
Can we see the gifts in person before selecting them?
How many gifts should we have on our registry?
Can we edit our registry up until our wedding date , due date or event date?
Can we include an item on our list that is not on your website?
How long will our gifts take to arrive after our wedding day?
Can gifts be delivered before the wedding, baby event day?
Do you provide gift wrapping?
What will our guests pay?
Can our guests contribute money towards our more expensive gifts or do they need to pay the full amount?
What happens when the full amount isn't paid towards an item that has the 'contribute towards' feature?
What happens if we receive a faulty or broken gift?
Can we exchange gifts?
When a gift is bought will it disappear from our gift list?
An item has been removed from my registry, what does this mean?
Will you give us a list of what was purchased for us and who purchased each item?
Why can't I see the "Buy Now" button on this item?
Why can't I see the "Add to registry" button on this item?
We've got a voucher code, where do we enter it?